iOS 7 WiFi Problem in iPhone 5 and Easy Solution

iOS 7 beta 4 comes with many bugs and one of the most common bugs found in the iOS 7 beta is Wi-Fi signal problem. Users were expecting that iOS 7 Wifi problem will be resolved in the upcoming iOS 7 beta 5 but when iOS 7 beta 5 release on 6August then wifi problem was remained exist. Wi-Fi or wireless problem most affects the iPhone 5.

People were thinking that Apple is not aware of iOS 7 Wifi problem that’s why they don’t fix it yet and may be fixed in the next beta. However, whether they fix iOS 7 wifi problems in the future or not we are here to explain you how to solve iOS 7 wireless problem of iPhone 5 easily.

Wi-fi issues firs occur when iPhone 5 users updated to Beta 3 and report the iOS wi-fi signal dropping problem. Instead of solving iOS 7 beta 3 Wifi problem in iOS 7 beta 4, problem was little bit worse in beta 4.

iOS 7 WiFi Problem in iPhone 5 and Easy Solution

Apple users and experts those who experienced the iOS 7 wifi problem with iPhone 5 have concluded that this wifi problem is a software based not an external issue because they don’t have any iOS 7 WiFi problem before the release of iOS 7 Beta 4.

According to iPhone 5 users when they try to connect their iPhone 5 with a wifi network then iPhone recognize the network and then fail to join or connect. Users even tried to reset the wifi settings and network settings but the iOS 7 wifi issue remains the same.

iOS 7 WiFi Problem Solution:

This wifi low signal problem only occurs in the iPhone 5 as compared to other handsets. Different Apple users suggest the different solutions to overcome the iOS 7 wifi problem in iPhone 5 but the best and most reliable solution to fix the iOS 7 wifi problems is removing the metallic finish film protector from the back of your iPhone 5.

When you remove this protecting sheet from the back of your iPhone 5 then signals strength will be improved and you will get rid of iOS 7 wifi problem in iPhone 5.

After the installation of iOS 7 beta 4 on iPhone 5, Wifi signal seem very low due to the iPhone 5 back cover. Above mentioned method is the easy and quick way to fix iOS 7 wifi problem and enjoy the new and exciting features of iOS 7.