How to Stop Hair Fall in 2 weeks and Grow New Hair- Men & Women

In this article we will discuss the reasons of hair falling, what precautions should be taken to stop hair fall and what are the treatments to stop hair falling and grow new hair quickly.

Hair fall is very common now a day all over the world because of many important factors. Lifestyle, bad diet, environment and carelessness of hair are the major reasons behind the hair falling.

It is very necessary to take serious action when you realize that your hair are falling, because most of people don’t take it serious in early stages and then worried when they lost a lot of hair. Hairs play an important role in building once personality and giving a good look so proper care and treatments are required to stop the hair fall or hair loss before the baldness or it’s too late.


How to Stop Hair Fall in 2 weeks and Grow New Hair- Men & Women

There are two main factors to control and stop hair fall easily and quickly. First is to change your diet plan and the second is using different hair fall treatments home remedies and loss and hair fall

It is the heart’s desire of every women, girl, boy and men to have long, healthy, shinning, dense and thin hair because the hair style gives a new look to your personality. Sometimes due to carelessness and many others above mentioned reasons we start losing our hair which really hurt and it is very good to take hair fall serious when you see your hair on a pillow when you wake up and while combing.

Take Hair loss Serious before it’s too late:

If you don’t take appropriate steps to stop hair fall then it may lead you toward baldness. Due to baldness a man look older than his age and same for the women. You don’t need to worry if you have the hair fall problem, I am sharing the best tips and tricks to stop hair fall and hair growth in one to two weeks.

According to hair experts it is normal to lose 100 hairs per day because the same number of hairs grow daily but if the hair fall ratio is more than it then it is dangerous and you have to stop hair fall by following our loss and hair fall

Hair fall Causes and Solutions to Stop Hair fall:

Below are the hair loss and hair fall causes and solutions to stop hair fall both for Men and women.

Common reasons of hair fall according to experts and dermatologists are deficiency of required nutrients (Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and Zinc and proteins), using chemical treatments, coloring and styling with gels, using straighteners & curlers, unhealthy diet, Harmon’s disorder, family history, medicines sides effects, dandruff and scalp problems.

Stress and tensions are other reasons of hair fall in small ages, lack of sleep also causes the hair loss and decrease the new hair growth. The thyroid is a common reason of women hair fall so you need a checkup of the thyroid when women have hair falling problems. Healthy mind made a healthy body, live happy to stop hair loss and for new hair growth. See “How to live healthy happy life and say Good Bye to Depression and Tensions”.

Sometimes hair breaks and hair loss due to use of tight hair pins, clips and rubber band to hold hairs.  Don’t hold your hair too tight and use hairpins that are smooth and use rubber band that are made of fabric and balls. Wear hair pins, clips and bands in different places of the scalp, in this way you can control and reduce the hair falling in one area.

Change the way of combing your hair, use a wide toothed comb instead of closer or thinner one. A wide toothed comb reduce the hair breaking and hair losing while combing, don’t comb your hair too many times in a day because combing weeks the hair scalp which cause hair loss and hair fall

Don’t comb your hair when wet. After washing your hair wait a few minutes until they dry then comb. Further, don’t rub wet hair with towel strongly just move the towel gently to dry them. See “how you can get Strong, Shinning and long hair in few weeks”.

Take any herbal oil and warm it for a few minutes, Massage your head scalps with the warm oil. By massaging your head with oil reduce the hair fall and increase the new hair growth.

Sometimes hair starts falling because of dirty scalp and scalp infections so you should wash head at least every 2 to 3 days to clean and remove dirt, dust and germs  from your hair.


Best Hair loss shampoos:

Don’t use shampoos which are rich of chemical because these shampoos damage the head skin and cause the breakage and hair fall.

Stick to one shampoo which is Volumizing. Such shampoos contain the proteins that help to stop hair loss and increase the hair growth.

Don’t use “conditioning shampoo” because they contain more conditioners that make weigh down your hair and cause hair falling.

Similarly don’t use “intensive conditioners” label conditioners they are very heavy and cause your hair fall.

 Two easy method to increase hair Growth and stop hair fall:

Drink plenty of water daily because sometimes hair loss due to lack of water in the body.

Raw onion juice is the best and mostly used home remedy to stop hair loss and increase the hair growth. Squeeze some onion juice and apply on head scalp. Wash your head after 30 to 40 minutes with water or shampoo. Use this home remedy three times in a week to see the effects and natural growth of new hair. To read best and expert suggestions to “stop hair fall and Best Tips to make hair long and healthy quickly”.