How to Improve Windows 8 Performance and Speed Easily

Windows 8 is the latest releases of Micro Soft. This new version of windows has many improvement and new features as compared to its previous version i.e. windows 7. There is no doubt it is very good windows in term of performance, speed, working, graphics and themes. But

Few tips are provided for you so that you can more boost and improve windows 8 performance to make it faster.These tips and techniques are very useful for improve windows 8 performance as well as older windows performances such as Windows XP, Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. Below are the techniques for improve windows 8 performance.

 How to Improve Windows 8 Performance and Speed Easily

improve windows 8 performance

improve windows 8 performance


Turn Off Searching Feature to improve windows 8 performance :

If you did not search your files and folders daily than it is better to turn off the Search Indexing feature in your windows 8. Because this utility continue running on the back ground and uses the RAM even when you are not using. So it is better to save your Computer RAM from wasting on such applications. Just follow the below given easy steps to disable it.

 Method to Turn off Searching Feature:

  • Right click on MY-COMPUTER and then click on Manage option
  • A new window will be appear, navigate to Computer Management and then click on Services and Applications.
  • Double click on services & Applications button.
  • Click the Service button and then turn off by pressing the Stop Button.


Turn off un-used Visual Graphics Effects to improve windows 8 performance :

 If you don’t have very good Video graphic card, high RAM and many core processors than it is a good practice to disable the visual effects to speed up your computer. When you disable un-used graphics than wastage of resources will be reduced.

How to disable un-used visuals:

  • Right click on My Computer and then click on Properties.
  • Navigate to Advanced system settings. By clicking on it.
  • A new popup will be open of System Properties.
  • Click on Advanced button and then click on settings.
  • Than on new page uncheck all the options, just leave checked last four options.

Disable unused Programs & Applications to improve windows 8 performance :

 Now disable all the unused windows programs and applications. When you don’t need of extra programs to waste your computer resources than it is good practice to disable these things.

How to Disable unused Programs & Applications:

  • Click on Start Button, than open Control panel.
  • Click on Programs and features and then choose programs features to enable or disable.
  • Unchecked all un- used programs so that extra burden can be removed.

 Adjust the Battery plan of laptop:

Laptops uses can change the power plan to improve the battery consumption. Battery settings are set to by default option in which more battery is consumed. You can easily adjust these settings by following way.

How to Adjust the Battery plan of laptop:

  • Unplug the charger so that battery icon is visible on task bar.
  • Then click on the More performance option. Then click on high performance and do the required settings.

How to Improve Windows 8 Performance and Speed Easily

improve windows 8 performance

improve windows 8 performance


Disable the Start up Programs to improve windows 8 performance :

Disable the startup programs because when your windows start than it takes a lot of time to setting up because some startup programs are running on background. When you installed new software’s than they automatically set to run as a startup programs that cause your windows slow down. It is very easy to disable this start up programs to improve windows 8 performance.

improve windows 8 performance

improve windows 8 performance

Just open the task manager of the computer by pressing shortcut keys i.e. Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Do not use the animated wallpapers and screen savers. These both applications continuously use your Computer RAM and are an extra burden on RAM.