How to Factory Reset iPhone & iPad with or without iTunes

You can easily and in few steps able to factory reset iphone, iPad and iPod. You can erase all your data using the iTunes or without iTunes. After resetting your device it will be just like new buy device with default settings and no data inside. It is highly recommended that you must perform a factory reset before selling or giving some one your iPhone for long time. If you don’t reset then you are giving your personal data and information to someone else whom you are selling your device.

There are two main methods of factory reset iPhone one is using the iTunes on computer system and other is from your untethered iPhone. These methods that are described below are equally applicable on all versions of iOS, iPads and iPods.

How to Factory Reset iPhone & iPad with or without iTunes

Factory reset iPhone by using the iTunes:

  1. Connect your iPhone and computer using the USB cable.
  2. Now synchronizees iPhone with iTunes. This will makes the backup of all of your data in iPhone.
  3. When this sync process is completed then clicks on the Restore button that is top right corner.Factory Reset iphone

These are the very easy steps and within three steps you can do factory reset iphone using the iTunes using your computer or laptops.

Factory reset iPhone without connected to PC:

Now in this second method of factory reset iphone you can erase all of your iphone data without connected it to computer or laptops. In this method all of your data lost and completely vanish so for protection make a backup up of your data by connecting it with iTunes.

How to Factory Reset iPhone & iPad with or without iTunes

Just follow below given 5 steps for factory reset iPhone.

  1. First of all go to Settings of your device.
  2. Then Go to the General by pressing it.
  3. Scroll down and press the Reset option.
  4. Press the Erase All content & Settings.
  5. For erasing everything the press the red button “Erase iPhone”.Factory Reset iphone

After the step no.5 your phone will start resetting everything and erasing the data so wait and then restart your iphone. When you turn it on you will notice it is similar to once you buy it first time with default settings and with no data inside it. These are the very simple steps for resetting your iphone, ipad or iPods. i hope this tutorial will be help ful for you and enable you to factory reset iphone whenever you want.