Download Top 10 Free Theme for Windows 8

Windows 8 has many features so one of new feature is you can set themes in it. This feature is available in windows 7 too but not available in windows XP and previous. In previous versions of windows you have to set background or desktop wallpapers instead of themes.

All the below Themes  are free to download. Just click on any download link and your theme will be start downloading. Actually Each theme is consist of many wallpapers related to the title of the theme. So download and Enjoy beautiful wallpapers.

Caribbean Shores

Themes for windows 8This is very beautiful windows 8 theme and it will make you to feel that you are on a beach. This theme contains the wallpapers that have the same resolution of 1600 x 1200. So download this Caribbean beach theme windows 8 theme to make your computer desktop more beautiful. Download Free theme for windows 8.



Themes for windows 8

Turkey themes:

Turkey themeWorld skylines are a very beautiful windows 8 theme. Very beautiful scans of London, Kuala Laumpur and Hong Kong are embedding in this theme. This theme consists of beautiful wallpapers, audios and color for every age group.Download this wonderful theme now

Themes for windows 8

Download Top 10 Free Theme for Windows 8

 France theme:

France theme for windowsDownload France theme to decorate your computer desktop with France wonders, culture, building designs and Eiffel Tower. As France is famous for perfumes, cuisine and baking so that’s wallpapers are also included in it. This theme has 6 wallpapers of 1900 x 1200 resolutions. Download these France themes for windows 8 now.Download the France theme

Themes for windows 8

Christmas theme

Christmas themeDownload Christmas theme for windows 8 desktops. Very beautiful Christmas themes and warm your heart with the festival of Christmas.  This theme consists of wallpapers with 1600 x 1200 sizes so download this theme and enjoy.Download the Christmas Theme.

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 winter theme

theme for windows 8Download winter theme for windows 8 desktop. Winger season is going on and wallpapers with snow and other winter views make desktop so cold. This theme consists of snow fall themes for Download winter theme for windows 8.

Themes for windows 8

Harry Potter theme:

download windows 8 themeThis is best theme for the harry potters fan. This theme consists of adventures and surprised scans of Harry Potter series. All the images are well detailed and this is best for children’s who watch Harry Potter movies. As these themes are free so try it too.Download Hary Potter Theme.


Themes for windows 8

Antarctic theme

antarctic themeDownload very cute and beautiful Cold Antarctic theme for your windows 8. It consists of so much good wallpapers that attract every visitor. Cold and snow everywhere, natural snow falls, mountains fill with snow and penguins. This theme consists of beautiful color and sounds. Download antartic theme.

Themes for windows 8

Download Top 10 Free Theme for Windows 8

Brazil theme 

Brazil theme for windows 8Download beautiful Brazil theme for Windows 8. These are so beautiful like heaven greenery, wild life and different landscapes. This is free theme for windows 8. Views and images of wild birds and animals, all wallpapers in this theme has 1920 x 1200 size.Download Brazil theme for windows 8.


Themes for windows 8

 Ferrari Car theme

ferrari car themeThese are Free Ferrari car themes for car lovers. Choose your favorite Ferrari and set as a theme on your desktop. Different beautiful model of Ferrari are displayed in this theme. You must like these car themes for your windows 8. All the Ferrari themes are really stylish and cute.Download Ferrari Car theme

To download click on the provided links and then a new page will open. On that new open page click on blue button saying download to download the themes for windows 8.

Themes for windows 8

Avatar theme 

Avatar themeDownload avatar theme for windows 8. Everybody watched this super movie Avatar. So there are many scenes which you want to make your wallpapers. So different views and characters from this movie are included in this theme wallpapers. You can set these wallpapers to windows 7 too. Download Avatar theme for windows 8.