Best Tips for fair complexion & Glowing Skin in one Week

Every men and women wants a fair skin, beautiful face and clear body. If your color is little dim and you want to look pretty by improving your color then we will tell you best tips and tricks for fair complexion.

Makeup and creams are not enough solution of dim color because these are temporary and when you wash your face all makeup go away.  There are some natural ways to look fair and make your skin clear.

It is very easy to permanently and naturally convert your dark complexion to fair complexion by just using the below given simple beauty tips. Fair and glowing face enhance the beauty and the personality of men and women. This is the basic reason why every woman wants white face, glowing and clear skin. For fair complexion and white face you can use the below given tips and tricks.

Best Tips for fair complexion & Glowing Skin

Most women and man want to make their skin and face fair, they start different tips to make skin clear but after following tips only 1 or 2 weeks and they leave them because of non-patience and think they are not getting results. Actually for fair complexion and making your face fair you have to try these methods for few weeks otherwise there is no method which makes you white and beautiful in one day.

Choose a single method for fair complexion and give yourself a time span of few weeks. After few weeks start observing whether you are getting results or not.


For fair complexion Protect Face from Sun:

One of the basic reasons behind the dark complexion is Sun heat. For fair complexion and glowing skin everyone has to protect his face from the sun. Whenever you go in the sun always uses some sunblock creams which have at least 20 to 30 SPF. For fair complexion and Glowing skin you have to protect your face from sun UVA and UVB highly dangerous rays.

You can use a hat or cap when you go outside to protect your skin and for fair complexion and for fair skin.


For fair complexion use chemicals and creams:

You can use the combination of Glycolic acid, retinal and salicylic acid for fair complexion and white face. According to a research when you use these chemicals for fair complexion and fair skin 3 times in a week you will definitely get results.

Exfoliating your face is another way to make your face fair and glowing. When you exfoliate one to two times in a week then dead cells from your skin will be removed and it will make your skin fresh, glowing and clear. For fair complexion and glowing skin we will suggest you too must try exfoliate and you can make Exfoliator by just mixing sugar or sand into liquid soap.

for fair complexion

Tips for fair complexion & Glowing Skin

  • For fair complexion and glowing skin daily wash your face then rubs and moisturizes it.
  • Before going to bed always remove the makeup.
  • Drink 10 to 15 glasses of water daily because water plays a vital role because nutrients in the water are very important for fair complexion and glowing skin as well as to make your face fair.
  • In 24 hours must sleep at-least 7 to 9 hour for fair complexion and glowing face.
  • Tensions and depressions not only affect your mental health but also bad for your face and body skin. Try to stay away all types of tensions and stress for fair complexion and beautiful skin.

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