Best Apps to Lock & Hide iPhone Photos, Videos & Documents

This article will help the iPhone and iPad users to hide photos from everyone by setting password and pattern lock on all pictures and videos. There are many apps that help the iPhone users to hide their personal pictures from unwanted eyes. From here you will learn what the best iPhone photo hiding app is for you.

We want to save so many wallpapers of our choice, some personal stuff and special pictures in our iPhone but it is very necessary to hide photos from our parents and family. But now it is very easy to hide iPhone photos using the free apps.


Best Apps to Lock & Hide iPhone Photos, Videos & Documents

Using the iPhone photo hiding apps you can set passwords and pin-codes on your photo Gallery. Whenever anyone wants to access your iPhone photo gallery then these iPhone apps will ask the users to enter the password. Using free apps is the simple and accurate way to hide iPhone photos and videos as well.

You can set passcodes, alphabetical codes as well as you can set pattern locks on to hide iPhone photos.


My Secret Folder

This is the best app to hide iPhone photos, videos, documents and much more. My secret Folder app lets you to set a password on the photos and your media files. My secret Folder app has a very friendly user interface and easily useable.

Lock Photo+Video, Docs+Audio+Notes

This app allowed you to hide personal pictures, movies, songs, audio files and any type of document including PDF, MS-office and notepad files on iPhone and iPad. To hide iPhone photos and any type of data I will recommend you to use this app on your iPhone and iPad.


Lock My Photos

Lock My Photos app let you save your valuable, private and special photos from prying eyes. Lock My Photos app a very advanced private photo app on the Apple Play store. Lock My Photos app has all the required features to hide and protect personal photos on iPhone. You can create custom folders too using this hide iPhone photos app to password your photos.


My Secret Apps

My secret app is useful to lock and hide photos by setting the password and passcode on them.
Lock My Folder

Lock My folder app let you to completely set password on a folder which contains your personal pictures and videos.  Lock My folder app also enable you to hide iPhone photos using this free app. Lock My folder app is very easy and best method to protect and hide iPhone photos.

These are the best apps to hide iPhone photos and other media files. You may be like to set and change the Passcode on your iPhone and iPad. so if you want to set and change iPhone passcode then click on the link.